Monday, June 1, 2015

REVIEW: Dear Enemy

Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
Page Count: 283 pages
Format: Paperback

How got book: local library rental

Why read: story idea: American nurse held captive behind enemy lines in WWII France


From GoodReads: 

Nurse Annie Rawlings has seen the atrocities of war and believes, as do most Americans, in the inhumane depravity of the enemy--the Germans. But when a rogue rescue mission ends in tragedy, Annie finds herself behind enemy lines, captured and alone with a wounded German soldier. Through shared danger, faith, and a love of music, the two forge a bond that will be tested by prejudice and the separations of time and continents. When Karl is sent to a prisoner-of-war camp, their fragile relationship seems at an end. Annie searches for Karl, but friends--and a new suitor--urge her to get on with her life.Will she ever see her Dear Enemy again?

My Thoughts:

Star Rating - 5 Stars

I really liked the story flow in this intense tale of survival in war torn France and the coming together of two people from very different worlds. The author has a gift for telling a gripping narrative that keeps the reader going, scene from scene, without any slow gaps of extensive exposition or over intense scenes of war battles.

I was really touched by the primary theme as well. The idea that individual people can’t be judged by their overall society or by their government is a powerful one; that just being a part of a country or group of people doesn't define an individual. That’s a great idea to explore in a Christian WWII work, and the author pulls it off well.

The characters shined well; both Annie and Karl kept me spellbound by their struggle to deal with the horrors of war and keep an identity that is separate from all the carnage around them. I adored how they found common ground between them even through the tragedy that surrounded their meeting. Their growth as individuals and their coming together as a couple really made this book.

I actually really liked this one. From some of the reviews already written elsewhere, I was thinking I might have some problems, but everything was smooth sailing. I adored the characters, smooth story, and themes explored. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys WWII historical fiction with a Christian fiction flavor. 


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