Past Reading Challenges

Past Reading Challenges:


Challenge 1:

I'm going to be participating in the 2016 Historical Fiction Challenge this year at the level of between Renaissance and Medieval, 10-15 books. I'm going to be concentrating on books that are "new" to me: take place in an area of the world new or vague to me, about a historical personage I'm not familiar with, a unexplored area of a common historical event, or about a historical event/era completely new to me. I'll get to explore more this year. Looking forward to that!!

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Reading Challenges - 2015

This year was the first in which I tried a reading challenge besides just number of books period, like GoodReads runs. So for this year, I decided to participate in:

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My ultimate goal was to read the Prehistoric Level (50+) books that take place during or around the WWII years, so roughly the Nazi years in Germany ('33 forward) to the aftermath of the war, '46 to '49. I wanted to explore different themes from the war from the impacts on different countries, how it affected different people, and just the intense drama and wealth of stories that can come from this period. I know I read like a maniac so 50+ didn't seem so out there. And so far, I'm ahead of schedule. So here's looking at the rest of the year! Titles are below that I've read so far.

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