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REVIEW: The Fulfillment by Lavyrle Spencer

The Fulfillment
by Lavyrle Spencer

Publisher: William Morrow
Page Count: 384
Release Date: November 9, 1999
Format: Hardcover

How got: personal library; bought via Amazon

First attention getter: follower of the author


From GoodReads

Together they worked the land.

Together they loved one woman.Mary was little more than a restless, impressionable young girl when she left Chicago for the wheat fields of a Minnesota farm, where she would become the wife of Jonathan's younger brother Aaron, she was a respected, trusted friend. But after seven frustrating childless years, the foundations of a strong and happy union have started to show signs of strain. And Jonathan turns to his brother Aaron, to ask of him what he could ask no other man.

But what begins as an act of compassion becomes an act of need-and a brother's duty gives way to a man's desire-as one tumultuous weekend of sensual discovery turns the world upside down for three close and loving people. Amid the timeless rhythms of the changing seasons, a devoted wife's longing for that most precious of treasures-a child-awakens her to the bittersweet pain of infidelity, and sets Mary and the two men in her life on the road toward a new understanding of what it is to truly love.

LaVyrle Spencer's masterwork, The Fulfillment, is an enduring love story of rare sensitivity and sensuality. It is a moving tale of tragic mistakes, common heartaches, and uncommon joys. And once read, it can never be forgotten.

Together they worked the land.

Together they loved one woman.

My Thoughts:

Star Rating - 4

Another satisfying read from Spencer, this one shines as an example of how this author can take situations that would seem cliché in another HR but makes them seem realistic and dramatic in hers. Whether it’s her characterizations or her writing style, she always seems to make her romances down to earth and extremely heartfelt.

I loved all three of our leads. What could justifiably be termed a love triangle, these two brothers and Mary are so practical and earthy that the melodrama is kept to a bare minimum (a refreshing take, I assure you). Each character is unique in and of themselves; they form a tight knit family with undercurrents that every family has. I loved how each character has such a distinctive viewpoint on the world and each obstacle presented to them. I fell in love with all of them.

A plotline that actually made me role my eyes before starting, Spencer actually pulls it off by having such great characters and giving everything an atmosphere of plain country life. The way everything was presented, all out in the open and with much of it fully acknowledged by all parties involved, kept this story from sliding into a soup of dramatic farce, a trap I could see another author falling prey to.

The relationships between Mary and each brother were distinct and as varied as both brothers’ personalities. Jonathan was a dedicated farmer whose first love was to the land but who also had a very deep love for Mary, even if he wasn’t able to express it that well. Aaron was the charming, emotional younger brother who is closer in personality to Mary and more in tuned with her needs. Mary finds herself torn between these two men, both of whom she loves in her own way. It tore at the heart to see her affections swing between the brothers, seeing how her relationship with both could make her happy. It definitely kept the emotional tension up!

The one blip in the book I didn’t enjoy was occasionally the atmosphere would get in the way of the story, if that makes sense. The dogged pace of life on a Midwestern farm and the rigmarole of daily routines sometimes got in the way of the story. Not that the description came in massive spurts of text or paragraphs; far from that. However, I found myself getting bored with the scene setting more than I enjoyed it. Spencer seemed to have a similar problem with another book I read by her, Then Came Heaven .

Despite the over use of scene setting in places, this was a very enjoyable historical romance. The characters are strong, and the relationships emotional as heck. This is another winner from Spencer; I look forward to exploring more from her. Highly recommended for those who love emotional HRs!

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